EV-Mobile Charger
Elegant, Fast, Competitive
Zagrus EV-Mobile Charger is developed by high experienced engineering team of ZAGRUS Energie company to provide a movable charger device for Hybrid plug-in and electro cars. The device is smart and user friendly and works with any AC-sockets and delivers max amperage as well as possible to car charger system car.
Decorate Your Garage With Zagrus
Zagrus presents the last technology in Wall-box chargers which suitable to use easy ,convenience , smart and fast for any private or public parking place. We offer custom design according to customer requirements as building companies in their new projects and private customers.
Fast Charging Stations
Fly On The Road With Zagrus E- STATION
Zagrus energy company has designed the concept of Fast-charging stations in all of European countries that could be easy managing all of stations, operation and maintenance service via central server . All of the fast-charger stations and controlling systems are designed with Zagrus engineering team with last technology in regards Electro vehicles standards. Our vision is to install Zagrus fast E-stations on every 100 km long highway’s rest area by 2030.