EV-Mobile Charger

Zagrus EV-Mobile Charger is developed by high experienced engineering team of ZAGRUS Energie company to provide a movable charger device for Hybrid plug-in and electro cars. This charger has designed with high quality material with Industrial and military Standards to reach highest safety and performance and Anti-theft which makes device suitable for outdoor use also sensing of elegance and prestige with ergonomic , light and special design. The device is smart and user friendly and works with any AC-sockets and delivers max amperage as well as possible to car charger system car. Charger is linked with an useful application via Bluetooth Vr.5 and RFID to easy control and personalise your charger . Zagrus offers new generation of EV-chargers which without competition in price , design and quality ,stylish and smart in market.

Product Features
EV-Mobile Charger
Zagrus provide one of the most practical movable EV-charger in Europa Market with possibility charging from every public or household sockets , AC current , with special design suitable for outdoor use and easy to carry.
Great quality of PCB design and component with high performance microprocessor , Zagrus achieved the highest supreme level of of safety in terms of electrical faults or overtemperature ,avoiding a battery surge to extend the life of the vehicle battery
Ergonomic Design
The device is ergonomically designed and tries to provide a complete device with high performance in small dimensions, but very stylish. By removing the commonly used cable and the nozzle side of the car, the weight is significantly reduced and the flexibility increased.
We offer an application that communicates with charger via new generation of Bluetooth version 5 to access the device over 400 meters away in open area to control the device with all its functions as far as possible Including electricity meter, and more…
Access to charger is authorized via RFID for more safety and managing the other users such as ON AND OFF AND SELECET MAXIMUM CHARGING CURRENT .
During charging process the device is locked with magnet mechanism in plug and just authorized user with RFID disconnected the cable from device so with this anti-theft system , device can be safely used outdoors where other persons may have access .
The device can work with one or three phase circuits and the heart of that equipped with a high performance microcontrolled circuit which recognize voltage and current of every phase and can recognize the power type which is 1 or 3 phase.
Energy Measurement
This advantage is prepared by application and current measurement and captures the data and gives the user the amount of energy also depends on which country would be issue the energy cost during every charge
An EV Mobile Charger should be adapted with variable weather and protection against dust, moisture, rain or snow. and all electronic components is absolutely weatherproof and It works at full performance in -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.
With using Zagrus Wall-brackets in any private or common parking could be used as Wall-box and fixed charger that easy having 2 in 1 charger device.
To achieve compact and small case, the circuit boards are designed modular, not only in one board , and give the advantage that it is easy repairable and has cheap maintenance costs which is rarely seen on this market and competitor products.
Zagrus EV charger uses a very accurate residual current breaker ( micro controlled RCB ) for more safety which protect from the effects of smooth DC residual current > 6mA und AC > 30mA.
All Zagrus products use high-quality and new generation of electronic components and new electronic technologies such as Mill-standard .Hence therefore Zagrus offers their customers Guarantee and full warranty.
Product Dimensions:
261 x 110 x 78 mm

Product Weight:
1.3 kg excluding cable/1.8 kg with cable

Nominal Voltage:
230V/400V 50Hz

Up to 32 Ampers-AC

charging power:
Up to 22 Kw

Vehicle connection:
Type 2 (in acc. with ICE 62196-2)

IP 55 ,RCD DC 6mA,AC/DC 30 mA

CE confirmity:
IEC 62752, 62196, 61851, Mode 2/3, EMV, RoHS